Naoussa, Paros: A Hidden Cosmopolitan Mecca for Local Wines

Organic Vineyards of Paros

The organic vineyard in Naoussa, Paros, just 300 meters from the sea, is a captivating place where nature meets the winemaker. The vineyards are cultivated with respect for the environment, and the wines reflect the natural beauty of Paros, embracing the sea and expressing the unique character of the region.
moraitico organic wines
The climate and soil of Paros provide ideal conditions for vine cultivation. The sun and cool Aegean breezes contribute to the mature development of the grapes, while the famous marble soil of Paros offers a distinct flavor signature to the wines of the region. Georgios Moraitis and local producers in Naoussa demonstrate a philosophy focused on quality rather than quantity, approaching the art of winemaking with respect for tradition but also with experimentation, creating wines that appeal to those who appreciate taste and authenticity.


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